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For your organic kombucha


Biochemical processes turn conventional tea into a sparkling drink full of microorganisms and life - the Kombucha. It consists of water, tea and sugar fermented by a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY). With the EasyDens Digital Density Meter and the Brew Meister mobile app for iOS and Android you can easily follow the fermentation progress of your kombucha.

Brew Meister app displayed on smartphone and smartwatch for monitoring brew metrics, compatible with EasyDens by Anton Paar, available on App Store and Google Play.

With a small sample volume of only 2 mL EasyDens and the Brew Meister app deliver highly precise results with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC):

  • Brix [°Bx]
  • Specific Gravity [SG 20/20]
  • Specific Gravity [SG] at current temp.
  • Est. ABV [%v/v] (based on OG & FG)
  • Density [g/cm³] at current temp.
  • Temperature [°C], [°F]
All specifications
Smartphone showcasing Kombucha density and refractive index measurements next to EasyDens by Anton Paar Digital Density Meter and SmartRef Digital Refractometer.

EasyDens & SmartRef Kombucha Combo

Take ABV readings for fermenting and finished kombucha!

The Brew Meister app now allows you to measure the alcohol content of your kombucha directly with an accuracy of 0.5 %v/v using the combination of density and refractive index measurement.

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Hands holding a Kombucha SCOBY for home brewing, with the fermentation process quality checked using EasyDens by Anton Paar Digital Density Meter.

Kombucha fermentation tracking with EasyDens

EasyDens is the perfect tool to follow along the fermentation process of your kombucha day by day.

With only 2 mL sample volume you can quickly check what is going on inside your beverage. The measurement relies on the density of your drink, because compounds like sugar, alcohol and the different acids that are formed all affect the density of the kombucha.

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