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Brew Meister mobile app for beer

Mobile app features

 ‭✓ Cloud account

Access a secure and private cloud storage account, ensuring all your essential data is safeguarded and always available. Create one account and use it across all EasyDens & SmartRef apps.

 ‭✓ Multi-device support

Automatically sync your data across all your devices. No more worrying about missing files, outdated information, or the inconvenience of transferring data from one device to another.

 ‭✓ Numerous measurement units

Choose between numerous units which are specifically tailored to the requirements of your application. The apps offer 60+ units for beer brewers, winemakers, beekeepers, aquarium owners, coffee brewers, and many more.

 ‭✓ Multiple measurement modes

Quick mode:
Take one quick measurement at a time. The measurement ends automatically and you receive an immediate result.

Continuous mode:
Track your reading through a live measurement sequence and stop the measurement manually. In this mode, you can observe the behavior of your sample, such as the temperature adjustment of your sample.

 ‭✓ Automatic corrections

In order to eliminate unwanted influences, automatic correction calculations such as temperature compensation or SmartRef's wort and alcohol correction are utilized. The measurement data is consistently reliable and can be utilized for subsequent calculations.

 ‭✓ Simple data management

Keep a record of your measurement results for future reference. Our app allows you to store, visualize, and export data to any device.

 ‭✓ Application-specific tools

The EasyDens and SmartRef apps provide you with application-specific calculators and converters in order to save you the trouble of looking for extra assistance elsewhere.

 ‭✓ One-click device adjustment

Check the accuracy and functionality of your device with just one click in the app. Adjust with distilled water if needed to get reliable measurements.

 ‭✓ SmartGuide+

Available for the SmartRef Digital Refractometer only:

The integrated SmartGuide+ offers an intelligent guidance throughout the measurement process with high ambient light detection, continuous check of prism condition, sample volume, and more.

 ‭✓ Available for Apple Watch

Take quick readings with your Apple Watch and save your results for later reference via the mobile app.

 ‭✓ Pro feature: Higher resolution

You have the option of displaying a higher resolution of your measured values, possible for both EasyDens and SmartRef. 
This gives you an even more detailed insight into your measurement data and is available in the pro app version.

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