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EasyDens & SmartRef Combo


Take your craft to the next level with the power of the EasyDens Density Meter & the SmartRef Refractometer! With the joint measurement of density and refractive index, it is now possible to directly determine the alcohol content in fermenting and finished beer, wine, and kombucha.

Get the EasyDens now to complement your SmartRef and start measuring ABV with a single measurement!

EasyDens & SmartRef Beer Combo

Combo for your beer

Alcohol content (±0.5 %v/v)

  • Real extract (±0.2 %w/w)
  • Original gravity (±0.8 %w/w)
  • Available for standard and strong beer
EasyDens & SmartRef Kombucha Combo

Combo for your kombucha

  • Alcohol content for kombucha between 0 and 7 %v/v (±0.5 %v/v)
EasyDens & SmartRef Wine Combo

Combo for your wine

  • Alcohol content for wines up to 15 %v/v (±0.5 %v/v)
  • Alcohol content for wines between 15 and 20 %v/v (±1.0 %v/v)
  • Total extract (±2.0 g/L) 
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