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Digital Density Meter

The EasyDens Digital Density Meter is a smart hydrometer that determines the extract content in beer wort, the sugar content in must, the alcohol content in spirits, and follows the fermentation process of your beer, wine, kombucha, and hard seltzer with digital accuracy.

      Measurement units

      • Alcohol by volume [%v/v]
      • Alcohol by volume [%v/v] at 15 °C / 20 °C
      • Alcohol by weight [%w/w]
      • Babo [°Babo]
      • Baumé [°Bé]
      • Brix [°Bx]
      • Density [g/cm³]
      • KMW [°KMW]
      • Nihonshu-do [SMV]
      • Oechsle [°Oe]
      • Plato [°P]
      • Proof [°Proof UK]
      • Proof [°Proof US]
      • Salinity specific gravity [SG 20/20]
      • Specific gravity [SG]
      • Specific gravity 15/15 [SG 15/15]
      • Specific gravity 20/20 [SG 20/20]
      • Specific gravity 20/4 [SG 20/4]
      • Sugar concentration [g/L]
      • Review full specifications for all details.


      Product features

      • Free mobile app for iOS/Android
      • Automatic temperature compensation (ATC)
      • High precision (±0.001 g/cm³)
      • Quick measurement (2 Sec.)
      • Small sample volume (2 mL)
      • Data visualization, storage, and sharing via app
      • Dust-tight and protected against water jets (IP 65 according to IEC 60529)

      Product details

      • Instruction Manual
      • GTIN: 9190001020396
      • Includes: EasyDens, batteries, syringe, waste hose, and adapter Luer

      EasyDens incl. Care

      Choose EasyDens Care Package to include EasyDens Care - 2 Year Plan

      EasyDens comes with a warranty of one year. EasyDens Care: 2 Year Plan extends that coverage for one additional year. 

      • One additional year of warranty (total of two years)
      • One incident of accidental damage protection
      • The incident is dubject to a service fee of 99 EUR, plus applicable shipping and import fees
      • Service and support coverage

      Attention: The plan is only valid when purchased within 30 days after purchasing the product EasyDens. 


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      EasyDens & SmartRef Combo

      Accurately measure the alcohol content of your finished beer, wine, liqueur and kombucha.

      The app combines the density measurement from EasyDens and the refractive index measurement from SmartRef to create an unmatched measuring solution.

      Learn more

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 24 reviews
      Róbert Bilibok


      Wolfgang Fischer
      Great job

      Sent a broken easy dens to repair, got a probably new one 2 weeks later back for not that much as a new would cost. Thanks

      Michael Blake

      Quick, accurate and easy SG readings. EasyDens makes brew day much simpler. Great product!

      Phillip Lee Andrewd
      Best piece of kit for brewery and distillery

      Easy to use with small sample sizes

      Jeff P
      Awesome tool

      I love this it saves time and very accurate measurements

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