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Workflow with EasyDens Smart Hydrometer

All details and insights about the measurement process. Explained step by step

Before you start your first brew day with EasyDens...'ll need the EasyDens Smart Hydrometer and a Smartphone.
To insert the sample use a syringe (10 mL) as well as a 30 cm silicone hose with a Luer adapter. A glass or small container can be used as a catch basin.


...check for leak tightness.
As a first step, check your EasyDens for leak tightness. This is very important to ensure there are no damages due to transportation and shipping.

Fill the included syringe with air, close one injection hole with your finger tip and fill the measurement cell with air applying moderate pressure. Stay in this position for a few seconds, then release the plunger and observe the plunger motion. If it is pushed back slowly by the introduced pressure in the cell, the connections are tight. If the plunger doesn’t move back, reinsert the syringe and try again. If the result doesn’t change, please contact our support team.

...connect the waste hose.
Use your instrument with a waste hose attached only! Install the included hose using the Luer cone with hose grommet on one injection hole of your EasyDens. It doesn’t matter on which side. the mobile app: Logo Brew Meister mobile app Brew Meister for EasyDens.

Open your App Store or Play Store and download the app “Brew Meister for EasyDens”. It is available for iOS and Android.

...connect the EasyDens to your smartphone.
Open the Brew Meister for EasyDens app and switch on your EasyDens. Connection is made automatically when starting a measurement. If there are more than one Bluetooth device around, you will be provided with a list. Please select your “EasyDens”.

Prepare your sample.

Step one - degassing of the sample
It is very important to ensure that your sample is gas free. CO2 bubbles will have an effect on your measurements and will falsify the results. Degassing can be done using different methods. Choose the one that fits your needs:

  • Degass directly in the syringe by filling it half way with the sample, closing the tip with your finger and pulling out the plunger further. As you let it snap back and you will see gas bubbles emerging. Repeat this a few times until the bubbles disappear.
  • Boil the sample for a few minutes (the sample has to be covered, otherwise alcohol will evaporate from your sample)
  • Stir the sample (5-15 minutes)
  • Put the sample in an ultrasonic bath (5-10 minutes)

Step two - temperature control
For best measurement performance your sample should not deviate too much (±5 °C/±9 °F) from the ambient temperature. The measuring range of your EasyDens is between 5 °C to 30 °C (41 °F to 86 °F).

Measurement with EasyDens Smart Hydrometer.

  • Open the Brew Meister mobile app
  • Switch on the EasyDens with the power button on the back side of the device
  • Fill the measurement cell with your sample using the syringe
  • Make sure there are no bubbles within the measuring cell
  • Select preferred measurement unit
  • Start measurement
  • Save measurement result
  • Clean your EasyDens

Conclude with Cleaning.

Regular Cleaning
When a measurement series is completed, extensively rinse the U-Tube with warm ultra-pure, bi-destilled or deionized water using your syringe. Use at least 10 mL. Make sure that no sample residues stay behind.

Remove water by filling air into the U-Tube again by using your syringe. It is not necessary to completely dry the measurement cell.

Your EasyDens doesn’t like tap water. Limescale in the measurement cell can falsify your measurement results. Do not fill the measurement cell with tap water.

Additional Cleaning
You can also use different laboratory cleaners to remove residues from your EasyDens (e.g. Mucasol®, Desana®, Alconox®, Tergazyme® or similar cleaners). Please make sure to prepare the cleaning solution of your choice as described by your supplier. The cleaner should not remain within the cell for longer than 5 minutes. Never fill warm laboratory cleaner into your EasyDens as this can cause glass corrosion.

After using a laboratory cleaner, rinse the measurement cell with ultra-pure water and finally empty the cell by filling with air.

EasyDens Housing
The housing of your EasyDens can be cleaned simply with a cloth dipped in warm water or ethanol. Do not use your laboratory cleaners. The housing is not resistant to solvents above a pH value of 10.

If you need assistance with the measurement process with EasyDens, please contact our support team.

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