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Say hello to SmartRef!

We are happy to announce that we have launched a new product:
SmartRef Digital Refractometer

Product Launch SmartRef Digital Refractometer

The idea for a small, incredibly accurate pocket refractometer in addition to Anton Paar's measuring instruments for industry, was inspired by our years of experience in refractive index measurement. The SmartRef comes as an intelligent measuring device and gives results in over 15 different measurement units. The SmartGuide+, as a feature in the mobile app, automatically checks any errors of ambient light, impurity, and sample behavior during measurement for you. Taking refractometer readings has never been easier. The SmartRef delivers readings in under 2 seconds and requires only 0.4 mL sample volume for a measurement. Since the device is operated with your smartphone, the measurement data can be stored, viewed, and shared immediately.

Beer brewing calculations, such as the beer wort correction factor and the alcohol correction, are applied automatically to your values in the Brew Meister mobile app for SmartRef and can be customized for each batch. This enables you to measure your beer with high accuracy and precision while leaving the math to SmartRef and Brew Meister mobile app.

The SmartRef, however, is suitable for a wide range of additional applications. Depending on your needs, it determines:

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