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Measurement Principle of EasyDens

EasyDens Smart Hydrometer is a digital density meter that measures the density of liquid samples via the oscillating U-tube technology - developed by Anton Paar - delivering highly precise measurement results.

Measurement Principle of EasyDens

The measurement cell of the EasyDens is a handcrafted u-shaped glass tube which is excited to oscillation. The density (g/m³) is obtained through analysis of the oscillation frequency, which depends on the type of liquid filled into the tube.
The Brew Meister for EasyDens mobile app uses the density measurement to determine
  • Specific gravity (SG),
  • Extract (°Plato),
  • Sugar (°Brix),
  • Alcohol in spirits (ABV/ABW).
    For homebrewers: The ABV parameter of your beer is a calculated estimate, using the original gravity (OG) and final gravity (FG) of your beer.
    Compared to more traditional methods (e.g. hydrometers, pycnometers…), a digital density meter is attractive for its small sample volume and very simple handling. In combination with the Brew Meister app, the EasyDens provides highly accurate results in less than one minute, including filling and cleaning. The concentration values are already temperature-corrected and can be managed, visualised and exported for further processing.
    EasyDens provides the entire measurement range, needed for monitoring quality and character of your handcrafted product. The provided accuracy ensures reproducibility and will assist you in developing your signature brews.
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