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Featuring: EasyDens & SmartRef – Endlich als Hobbybrauer Alkoholgehalt messen! - by Malzknecht

EasyDens und SmartRef Alkoholgehalt messen Malzknecht

“With EasyDens and SmartRef from Anton Paar, I achieve precise measurements of original gravity and alcohol content. The quality and accuracy of both devices are outstanding. A perfect combination for reliable results!” Tobi from, Homebrewer, Blogger, and Podcaster.

Our friend Tobi from has written an insightful and very detailed article on the EasyDens, SmartRef and the combination of both measurement methods to directly determine the alcohol content in fermenting or finished beer - with special focus on low-alcohol beers.

Check out his take on alcohol content measurement with the EasyDens & SmartRef Combo:

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