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ABV Determination for Wine with EasyDens

Within the Wine Meister for EasyDens mobile app you are able to choose three different equations to estimate the alcohol by volume (ABV) of your wine.

ABV determination with Specific Gravity:

  • Standard Formula
    ABV (%v/v) = (OG – FG) * Factor
    Factor can be set on your own. Default set: 131.25
    Source: (Learn more)
  • C.J.J. Berry Method
    ABV (%v/v) = ((OG - FG) / 7.36) * 1000
    Source: (Learn more)

  • The Hall equation (mead wine)
    ABV (%v/v) = ((76.08 * (OG -FG)) / (1.775 - OG)) * (FG/0.794)
    Source: Brew By The Numbers by Michael Hall (Zymurgy, Vol. 18 No. 2, Summer 1995) (Learn more)


    Please note that Wine Meister for EasyDens mobile app uses your temperature corrected results for specific gravity for the selected equation.

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