EasyDens is designed for home producers of beer, wine, fruit juices, or spirits who want to go digital and quit the hydrometer hassle. The smartphone app collects measured data from the compact digital beer hydrometer and shows them arranged on the display. It simply, quickly, and reliably determines your wort’s extract content, the sugar content in your grape juice, monitors your fermentation process, determines the sugar content in your home produced fruit juices, and gives you information about the alcohol content in spirits.


  • Reports results in °Plato, Specific Gravity (SG), Density g/cm³, Alcohol by Volume (ABV) in spirits and Sugar content in °Brix
  • Calculation of Alcohol by Volume (ABV) for beer based on Original Gravity & Final Gravity readings
  • Temperature readings are reported in °Celsius or °Fahrenheit
  • The concentration values shown on your phone are already temperature-corrected, so you need no further calculations and correction tables.
  • Calibration and adjustment of the EasyDens can be done via the app with bidistilled water only
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