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Anton Paar has been a partner in the beverage industry for decades and is the world’s leading provider of density and concentration meters in this industry. We deliver high-quality measurement technology, pure and simple.

With EasyDens Smart Hydrometer, this high-end quality now reaches you straightforward as big science in a small box.

For all
Does the math
for you

In contrast to hydrometers, EasyDens determines the alcohol content in your spirits or the extract, sugar, and temperature of your beer or wine.

The results on your smartphone are temperature-corrected and displayed in °Plato/SG, %v/v alcohol, °Brix, and %w/w extract. Say goodbye to manual calculations and correction tables.  

Built for
From the
market leader

EasyDens performs a complete measurement in less than 5 seconds.

The heart of EasyDens is its oscillating U-tube measuring cell, a handcrafted, high-precision and long-lasting glass component that delivers the most accurate results.



Never wastes
your brew
No paper and

All you need for a measurement is 2 mL of sample, because we know every drop of your beer is precious. 

Forget about writing down measurement results – save all your data in the Brew Meister for EasyDens app and export them from your smartphone.
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