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Determine the alcohol content of hard seltzer with the EasyDens & SmartRef Combo

Alcohol content of hard seltzer with the EasyDens and SmartRef Combo and Brew Meister app

With the EasyDens Digital Density Meter and the Brew Meister app, you can track the fermentation process of your hard seltzer quickly and effortlessly. Following the fermentation not only ensures consistent brewing results but also helps to improve your brewing skills.

Now, in combination with the SmartRef Digital Refractometer, it is even possible to determine the alcohol content of fermenting and finished hard seltzer!

What makes hard seltzer special?

Hard seltzer is an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting sugar or malt to produce alcohol. Once fermentation is complete, the base alcohol is mixed with carbonated water and natural flavorings to achieve the desired taste and alcohol content. The result is a light, bubbly drink that typically has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 4 - 6 %v/v.

Hard seltzer occupies a unique position in the beverage market, offering a bridge between beer, wine, and cocktails. It's generally lower in calories than beer, has less alcohol content than most wines, and contains significantly less sugar than many cocktails. These characteristics contribute to its growing popularity, making it a refreshing and attractive option for a wide range of consumers.


The EasyDens & SmartRef Combo: Our solution for accurate ABV measurement 

As the hard seltzer trend continues to soar, it becomes increasingly important to accurately measure its alcohol content to ensure consistent quality and meet regulatory requirements.

To keep track of the alcohol content in your hard seltzer and ensure it meets your expectations, we're excited to introduce the EasyDens & SmartRef Combo – the perfect solution to measure the alcohol content in fermenting and finished hard seltzer.

The EasyDens & SmartRef Combo gives you a comprehensive approach to measuring ABV, helping you ensure that your hard seltzer meets your desired specifications.

With the EasyDens & SmartRef Combo and the Brew Meister app, you can now measure the alcohol content of your hard seltzer in seconds with an accuracy of ±0.5 %v/v. The displayed alcohol content is automatically adjusted for temperature, providing you with immediate insight into the strength of your hard seltzer.


Benefits at a glance

  • Simple functionality at a reasonable price:
    Our system is designed for ease of use, offering intuitive operation via the Brew Meister mobile app. No need for extensive training to get accurate results.
  • Fermentation tracking throughout the hard seltzer making process: Monitor the progress of fermentation from start to finish, ensuring your hard seltzer develops as planned. See also our blog post “Hard Seltzer Fermentation Tracking with EasyDens.
  • ABV determination of finished hard seltzer samples: Measure the alcohol by volume (ABV) of fermenting and finished hard seltzer with confidence, providing valuable insights into your product.
  • Direct storage on your mobile phone or Meistercloud account: Results are stored directly on your mobile phone or Meistercloud account, giving you instant access to your data anytime, anywhere.


How to measure the alcohol content of your hard seltzer with the EasyDens & SmartRef Combo and the Brew Meister App

  1. Connect your devices:
    Connect the EasyDens and SmartRef devices to the Brew Meister mobile app. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone.
  2. Clean and adjust your devices:
    Before starting, ensure that both the EasyDens and SmartRef are clean and properly adjusted. See also our FAQs for cleaning of EasyDens and SmartRef.
  3. Prepare your hard seltzer sample:
    Degas your hard seltzer sample to remove dissolved CO2. This will ensure accurate and reproducible measurement results.
  4. Fill a syringe with your sample:
    Draw your degassed sample, ensuring that the syringe is filled bubble-free. This will prevent air from affecting your readings.
  5. Fill SmartRef and EasyDens:
    Fill the SmartRef with the sample up to the rim and afterwards fill the EasyDens with the remaining sample from the same syringe. Keep the syringe connected to the EasyDens.
  6. Start the measurement process:
    Open the Brew Meister app and tap on the "Measure ABV" button.
    Select "Hard Seltzer" from the list of options. This ensures the correct ABV calculation for your specific sample.
    Start the measurement by tapping the prominent round button labeled "ABV Measurement."
  7. View and save your results:
    Within seconds, the alcohol by volume (ABV) value will be displayed on your phone.
    Save your measurement to the appropriate batch in the app for easy tracking.
  8. Clean your devices after use:
    Thoroughly clean both EasyDens and SmartRef with warm water to remove any residue after measurement.
    Rinse them with distilled water to ensure they are free of contaminants.

By following these steps, you will be able to measure the alcohol content in your hard seltzer with precision and ease.

Enjoy accurate ABV results and streamline your fermentation process with the EasyDens, SmartRef, and the Brew Meister mobile app.



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