EasyDens is true to its name

The tool you've been waiting for

Anton Paar has been a partner to the beverage industry for decades; and is the world’s leading provider of density and concentration meters in this industry. This means we delivers high quality measurement technology, pure and simple. In EasyDens, the compact density and concentration meter based on the renowned oscillating U-tube principle, this high-end quality now reaches you in a straightforward, budget-friendly package – refined technology to help you refine your handcrafted beverage.




For all beverages
In contrast to hydrometers, with EasyDens you measure alcohol extract, sugar and temperature of beer wine or distilled spirits.

Heart from the market leader
The heart of EasyDens is its measuring cell, a handcrafted, high-precision glass component for most accurate results. Best technology for a long instrument lifetime that saves you costs.

Does the math for you
The results on your smartphone are temperature-corrected and displayed in °Plato/SG, %v/v alcohol, °Brix and %w/w Extract. Say goodbye to manual calculations and correction tables.

Never wastes your brew
All you need for a measurement is 2 mL sample volume, because we know: Every drop of your beer is precious.

A speed machine
EasyDens performs a complete measurement in less than 5 seconds.

No paper and pen
Forget about manually noting down measurement results – save all data in the EasyDens app, even export and visualize them in a chart.