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"... a high-precision instrument for hobby brewers ..."

Oliver Weiss, Braumagazin.de


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  • EasyDens
  • EasyDens
  • EasyDens
  • EasyDens
  • EasyDens


  • 399,00
  • 525,00
  • EasyDens determines your wort's extract content, the sugar content in your home-produced fruit juices and the alcohol content in spirits with no sugar added.
  • Monitors the fermentation process of beer and wine via a daily measurement of apparent extract or sugar and visualizes the process in a fermentation chart.
  • After you have downloaded the free app for EasyDens, all results are displayed on your smartphone.
  • Includes:
    • Protection cover
    • Syringe 10 mL
    • Adapter Luer
    • Adapter Luer lock
    • Waste hose
    • Instructions

Technical specifications

Featured product

EasyDens protection cover

  • 29,00
  • 59,00
protection cover (incl. 2 O-rings)
  • EasyDens protection cover